Gorichen is the highest scalable peak in Arunachal Pradesh, towering at a height of over 21,300 ft above sea level. Because of its elevation, Gorichen remains snowbound throughout the year and has captivated the hearts of many seasoned mountaineers and adventure-loving trekkers. Situated at a distance of 164 km from the main town, this peak is locally known as Tsa-Nga-Phu, which translates into kingdom of the deity. One of the better views of this peak can be seen on the road between Bomdila and Tawang. The Monpa tribe worship this peak as they believe it is vital for their existence and protects them from all evils. Locally, people often refer to it as the giant white elephant because of the unmistakable, white carpet of snow that covers it, making it one of the most distinctive and easily identifiable peaks in this region. The view is mesmerising as there are patches of green meadows and verdant forests that can be seen in the interlocking valleys below, while the bright white snow-capped peaks tower over them, shining in the sun.

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