The awe-inspiring white cascading Bap Teng-Kang Waterfall, also known as the Nuranang Falls, is a popular tourist attraction that is located at a distance of 80 km from Tawang. The water falls in sheets of white, from a staggering height of 100 ft, making its way through lush green mountains of Arunachal Pradesh. A picnic spot at the roof of the world, this place is high enough to give you the feeling of walking among clouds. The area around the falls has a thick green cover and a few hours can be spent exploring the area on foot, with the roaring water falling at a distance and the surrounding mist hanging lightly in the air. Day trip buses and taxis that take you to this waterfalls are available in town. There are a few food stalls that serve hot tea and other snacks. The rich, mineral heavy water of the Himalayas is said to be therapeutic and during the summer months, one can even swim in the little pools created by the waterfalls.

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