A set of two hills, Mangi Tungi sits pretty amidst the Sahyadri Hill range. While the peaks themselves are comprised of barren rock, they overlook a lush green valley, making for a stunning view on a clear day, the brown and green contrasted against the blue sky. If you love offbeat destinations, Mangi Tungi is the right mix of peaceful and quirky that will make your holiday special.

The hills are most famous for Shri Mangitungi Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra, a prominent Jain temple. Several Jain monuments at the foot of the hills are also worth a visit.

A unique aspect of Mangi Tungi is that it is believed that thousands of Jain saints achieved moksha (salvation of the soul) here. In addition, the place has close connections with the stories of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, Lord Krishna and his elder brother Lord Balarama.

There are also a number of caves at Mangi Tungi, named after tirthankaras (saints) such as Mahavira, Rishabhanatha, Shantinatha and Parshvanatha. Some of the caves have Sanskrit inscriptions, which are now a little difficult to read, having faded over time.

Mangi is the western pinnacle, which is 4,343 ft high, while Tungi is the eastern pinnacle, which is 4,366 ft high above sea level. There are approximately 10 caves at Mangi, with a gorgeous white marble statue of Lord Mahavira in one of them. Tungi is home to five well-maintained temples and two caves. While here, do take some time to explore the hills away from the caves. You might find some lovely images of Lord Yaksha, Goddess Yakshini and Lord Indra carved into the rocks.

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