Lush greenery, cool climes and spiritual energy abound at Anjaneri, named after Anjana Devi, said to be the mother of Pavanputra Hanuman. Locals believe that the cave on top of the main hill is where Anjana Devi gave birth to Lord Hanuman. A temple, known as Anjana Mata, is where she prayed for a child, before Lord Shiva appeared to bless her with the gift of life, as legend has it.

The best way to discover Anjaneri is to trek up the hill. The tiring but rewarding trek will take you past the cave to which Lord Pawan Dev brought Lord Hanuman as a child when he was hit by the 'vajra' of Lord Indra. Another cave on the route will show you inscriptions that can be dated back to almost 1,000 years.

This place is famous for the well-renowned Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies. It also boasts a number of Jain and Hindu temples. Apart from all this, it offers a splendid view of the rustic charm of the village to its visitors.

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