Often called the wine capital of India, Nashik has more than 30 functioning wineries that produce some of the richest and most widely consumed wines in the country.

Tourists can visit various tasting rooms and try different varieties of wine, while learning about the painstaking process that precedes their creation.

The wineries of Nashik are clustered in three main areas around the main city - Sanjegaon district (45 minutes from Nashik), Dindori district (an hour north of Nashik), and Gangapur Dam (20 minutes west of Nashik). The most popular and frequented of the many wineries are Sula, Soma, and York, all located at the Gangapur Dam.

If you want to delve deep into the history and production of wine, head to the Wine Information Center in Vinchur, an hour to the east of the city. It offers an extensive tour of the sprawling fragrant vineyards, and allows you to glimpse one of the finest collections of wine in India.

Grab a glass of chilled Chenin Blanc and make your way through the lovely vineyards.

Other Attractions in Nashik