Sprawled along the banks of the holy Godavari river, the ancient city of Nashik, in Maharashtra, is suffused with spirituality. Holding several significant Hindu shrines at its heart, the city is an ideal site to embark on a temple trail.

Nashik is also renowned for hosting the Kumbh Mela, said to be the largest spiritual gathering on earth, every 12 years.As you soak in the spiritual fervour of Nashik, don't miss out on its natural splendour that is evident in the verdant hills of the Sahyadri range, pristine streams of the Western Ghats, picturesque waterfalls and lush vineyards. Popularly known as the wine capital of India, Nashik is the most apt destination in the country to explore wine tourism. Grab a glass of chilled Chenin Blanc and make your way through the lovely vineyards, as you sample different varieties of wine and learn about the painstaking process that precedes their creation. The tranquil undertone of the city also makes it a great spot for meditation, rejuvenation and relaxation. You can sign up for yoga and traditional wellness courses at several meditation institutes located near the outskirts of the city and get a spiritual makeover in serene surroundings.Since the city is rooted in history, a smattering of ancient forts and caves gives one a peek into its rich heritage. While its forts are architectural marvels, they also serve as great trekking sites.The city gets its name from an episode from the Hindu epic Ramayana, where Lord Lakshmana hacks off the nose (nasika) of Shrupanakha, Ravana's sister. It is said this is the region, where that incident took place.