Situated on the left bank of the holy Godavari river, Panchvati is a spiritually significant site for travellers. The name 'Panchavati' comes from Hindi words 'panch' meaning five and 'vati' meaning a banyan tree. In mythology, Panchvati was the place where Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman and Goddess Sita spent a few years of their 14 years of exile.

For devotees of Lord Rama, Panchvati is a pilgrimage site that they hold quite dear, given how the god, his divine consort, and his brother found solace and comfort in its deep jungles.

Panchvati houses some of the most sacred and famous temples of the state and hence has earned Nashik the title of the �Benaras of Western India�. Some of the temples that can be found in the area include Sita�s Cave, where Goddess Sita is said to have been staying when Ravana kidnapped her. The line that Lord Lakshman drew for her protection, famously known as Lakshman Rekha, is located a stone�s throw from the cave.

Kalaram temple , Kapaleshwar temple, Ganga Godavari Temple, Sunder Narayan Temple, Talkuteshwar Temple, Neelkantheshwar Goraram Mandir, Murlidhar Mandir, Tilbhandeshwar Mandir etc., are some other religious shrines you can visit in Panchvati.

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