Considered to be a part of the holy Dandakaranya Forests, Tapovan is surrounded by thick jungles offering a serene environment. It lies at the confluence of Rivers Kapila and Godavari that meander through the forest, adding a melodious symphony to the peaceful ambience.

Tapovan once served as a place for meditation for the great sages. It has temples of Gopalkrishna and Lakshmi-Narayan that are visited by devotees all around the year. In addition, visitors can explore Kapila Tirth, where one of the great sages is said to have meditated. Tourists can also visit three kunds here, known as Brahma Tirth, Shiv Tirth and Vishnu Tirth, which are linked to each other.

Other popular attractions include a temple dedicated to Lord Lakshmana; Parnkuti, the cottage where Lord Rama is said to have stayed. Given its connection to the lord, Tapovan has a profound spiritual energy that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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