Devlali, colloquially pronounced as Deolali, is situated on the outskirts of Nashik, and houses the Deolali Camp, which is one of the oldest and most important military centres in India. In fact, the Devlali Cantonment is a very significant army base in the country. This is where the Air Force Station, the School of Artillery of the Indian Army and other such establishments were once located.

The camp was established by the British in 1861 as a military psychiatric hospital. At the time of British occupation, it also had one of the biggest golf courses in India. The camp is surrounded by large playgrounds and garden. Other places of interest include the Temple Hill, Khandobachi Tekadi and Deolali Market, which is quite popular with younger tourists.

The town is quite beautiful, with green landscapes and pleasant weather. It makes for the ideal weekend getaway, with a nice blend of modern amenities, exciting activities, and pollution-free environs. You will also find the Pandav Leni Caves, as well as the Muktidham Temple in close proximity to Devlali.

Other Attractions in Nashik