The group of 24 caves, known as the Pandav Leni, is located in the hills of Trirasmi, 3,000 ft above main sea level. These Buddhist caves can be dated back to somewhere between the 1st century BCE and 6th century BCE. They contain inscriptions in the Brahmi script.

The caves have been built in a way that the northern entrance shields them from the harsh summer sun, as well as the southwestern rains. Therefore, much of the original work has survived the test of time and weather. While all the caves have a little something special, caves 3, 10 and 18 are particularly noteworthy for their superb sculptures.

Idols of Lord Buddha, as well as the Jain tirthankaras (saints) feature prominently in Pandav Leni, and the caves are thus an important place of worship for the followers of Buddhism. The Dadasaheb Phalke Smarak lies at the foot of the hills and is another site worth visiting. You can also explore the water tanks that have been expertly carved into the rock face, thus ensuring a regular supply of clean drinking water devotees.

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