Naturally protected by the Sahyadri mountain range, Nashik has as many as 38 major and minor forts. Some of the popular structures include Ankai- Tankai, Salher- Mulher, Salota, Tringalwadi, Mahuli, Patta, Dhodap, Brahmagiri and Ramsej.

Tourists can also head to Bhaskargarh Fort, perched on a hill in the Trimbak range. Built by the Satavahanas, who ruled the Deccan region in the 3rd century BCE, the fort came under the siege of several dynasties over the centuries, including the Yadavas, Bahamanis, Marathas and Peshwas, before falling to the British. The cisterns and steps have been carved into the mountain, and the turrets and scarred walls hint to the fort�s colourful history.

Another attraction is Galna Fort on the Burhanpur-Surat trade route, once a major commercial and strategic fort of Nashik. One of the unique aspects of this fort is the Persian inscription carved into one of its walls. Showcasing Saracenic architecture, it is truly a must-visit. Indrai Fort is next on the itinerary, surrounded by the remains of three other forts, ensconced in the hills of the Satmal range. This fort was abandoned and surrendered to a British captain in the 1800s, but now is an explorer�s delight, with a number of untouched caves, water tanks and interesting rock formations to discover.

Other Attractions in Nashik