One of the most beautiful beaches in Karnataka, Ullal Beach is a popular picnic spot that invites tourists in numbers to swim and sunbathe. The serene blue and green waters of the Arabian Sea hold a scenic appeal for visitors who can drink in the picturesque beauty of the surroundings. Adventure-enthusiasts can indulge in thrilling water sports. The Ullal village lies on the outskirts of Mangalore and is set amidst a lush grove of casuarinas, on the southern bank of River Nethravathi. Some of the popular tourist attractions nearby are Someshwara Temple, St Sebastian Church, Queen Abbakka’s Fort at Ranipura, and Summer Sands Beach Resort. The best time to visit the beach is between October and February. The town of Ullal was ruled in the mid-16th century by Jain queen, Abbakka Chowta, who is said to be one of the first promoters of women liberation. Although she got married to the king of Mangalore, the marriage did not work and within a few years, she returned to Ullal. The main point on which the queen was unhappy with her husband was the payment of subsidy demanded by the Portuguese to which he agreed. Therefore, they went through the process of divorce after which she returned all the jewels and land to her ex-husband.

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