Known for its mesmerising interior, the St Aloysius Chapel is dedicated to saint Aloysius Gonzaga, who was born in a prestigious family but gave up his worldly goods to serve the destitute. The chapel's walls are adorned with gorgeous paintings by famous Italian artist Antonio Moscheni. The chapel boasts two types of paintings on its walls – frescoes and canvas. Frescoes cover around 600 sq m of the chapel, while canvas occupies around 400 sq m of its ceiling that is painted with colours made by mixing pigments with linseed oil. Some of the notable paintings are inspired from Jesus Christ's life, the Apostles and various saints. These include the birth of Christ, baptising of Christ, the feast at Cana displaying Christ changing water into wine and the Crucification. The church is located atop the Light House Hill and provides an enthralling view of the green and blue hues of the Arabian Sea. It was constructed by the Jesuit Missionaries in 1880.

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