A visit to this port offers tourists a chance to get acquainted with the lives and daily activities of local fishermen. Located to the south of the New Mangalore Port, the old port is usually crowded with local men and women buying and selling fish. The local market is a vibrant and bustling affair, with culinary thrills awaiting you at every turn. For those who would like a quiter time, going to the port during the early morning hours when its shores are silent and the shades of the sky typically gorgeous is best. The fishermen deal in various kinds of fish and sea food like mackerels, squids, silverfish and crabs.


Locally known as 'Mangalore Dakke' in Tulu language, the Old Mangalore Port or Bunder was used to transport passengers and goods to Lakshadweep Islands and the Middle East in earlier times. Today. the port is a bustling fishing centre. A number of trawler boats can be seen on the shore at all times of the day.

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