Situated at an hour’s drive from Mangaluru, the pilgrimage town of Udupi is famous for the much revered Krishna Temple. Nestled between the forest-lined mountains of the Western Ghats and the tranquil Arabian Sea, the temple houses a small window called Kanakana Kindi, which is believed to be the spot through which Lord Krishna gave his darshan to his devotee Kanakadasa.


Surrounded by the verdant Sahyadri mountain ranges and home to pristine beaches, Udupi is also known for its coastline that stretches upto a 100 km. Tourists can also visit the St Mary's Island, locally known as Thonse Par. Surrounded by swaying coconut trees and black rocks, the gorgeous island can be reached by taking a boat ride, which is a great experience in itself. The Kapu Beach, situated at a distance of 11 km from Udupi, is another major tourist attraction that is known for a British era lighthouse. Udupi is also a delight for wildlife enthusiasts and to explore the rich biodiversity of the coastal region, head to the Turtle Rearing Centre at Maravanthe Beach. Birdwatchers should visit the bird sanctuary tucked in the region. Udupi is also the centre of Yakshagana, a popular folk art of South India. Apart from its grand temples and scenic locations, it is also known for its authentic cuisine. One of the most unique recipes of Udupi is Mangalore bun, a fluffy sweet bread made from flour, bananas, cumin seeds and curd. Udupi is located at a distance of 55 km from Mangaluru and is a must-visit site if you are travelling to this part of Karnataka.

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