South Indian thali is usually vegetarian, comprising an array of spicy and tangy vegetables, sambhars (vegetable stew), pooris (fried flatbread), rice preparations, pickles, and curries. It is also served with one or two sweetmeats and buttermilk. Coconut is a key ingredient in most of these dishes. Some of the other additions to the thali are: rasam, which is a consommé prepared with tamarind juice and tomato as a base, along with pepper, chilli, cumin etc.; pumpkin kootu, a curry-based dish in which vegetables and lentils are cooked together; potato fry; carrot kosumari, the South Indian version of a salad, it features coconut, lime juice and grated carrot; medu vadai, which is a deep-fried lentil dumpling; deep-fried papad; plain yoghurt; Akkaravadisal, a sweet made with rice and lentils.

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