Started by KCS Paniker, who was not only a legendary artist but also a revolutionary thinker, Cholamandal Artists’ Village was established in 1966. The village is the perfect place for anyone who has even a slight inclination towards art, culture and craft. So, whether you are an artist, art buyer, art lover, art connoisseur or simply someone curious about Indian art, Cholamandal Artists’ Village has something to offer to everyone. Housed within the campus are museums, art galleries, an open-air theatre, a bookstore, a craft shop as well as a restaurant where you can spend your time enjoying the essence of everything handmade. 

As you enter the quaint premises, the countryside and pleasantly refreshing vibes are evident. Just past the main gate, the sculpture garden dotted with absolutely stunning artwork in stone is a fitting preview to what can be expected inside. The pieces that range from traditional to abstract are not only magnificent in appearance, but also stand out in terms of their craftsmanship and finesse. There are exquisite pieces made of granite, wood and bronze. Some of these are the works of visiting international artists as well. The village also has two art galleries, the Labernum in the HK Kejriwal wing and Indigo in the Tulsyan wing where artworks are displayed. The pieces range from a wide variety of handicrafts to unique art forms, and include sketches, paintings, Batik, woodwork, terracotta, pottery and ceramics. The myriad items on display are sure to give you a perspective on the various kinds of art forms in the form of a pleasant art attack! There is an open-air theatre where you can catch a dance, music or a theatre performance. The amphitheatre is also used for poetry reading sessions at times. Apart from artists, books and coffee, you can also view the homes of the artists who reside here. Replete with old world charm and resonating with character, the houses are distinct and speak volumes about the kind of lives artists lead. If you are lucky, you may even witness artists teaching budding students or catch them working on their art pieces and also interact with them over a cup of coffee.

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