calendar icon Thu, June 18- Fri, June 19, 2020

Hosted in Ladakh for two days, YuruKabgyat is an important Buddhist festival. It is celebrated with great pomp and show at the historical Lamayuru Monastery. Devotees from all over the world, Lamas from Japan, Korea, Tibet, etc., arrive to attend the festivities. The special attraction of the festival is the masked dances or chams performed by monks to keep evil spirits at bay. In a cham, monks adorn their faces with large vibrant masks and move around in circular motions to the beats of cymbals and drums. Gigantic pipes are played during the festivities and their soulful sounds echo throughout the valley, dousing the visitors is a sense of utmost calm and peace. Prayer wheels scattered throughout the monastery are a delightful sight. This festival is a great opportunity to get insights into the intricacies of Buddhism and the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Why is it celebrated? 
This festival is dedicated to Yama (God of Death) and Padmasambhava (the Second Buddha).