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Glamorous camping or glamping has emerged as a top travel trend in 2020 and when it comes to choosing the right destination to unwind, nothing compares with the charm of the verdant Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Why Glamping Is The Need Of The Hour
It's a clear day; misty clouds have made their home on top of verdant hills in the distance. The nearby roaring waterfall plays nature's metal tunes, with an odd bullfrog chiming in now and then. The pitter-patter of raindrops has given a glistening emerald coat to the landscape, and for miles, the most prominent pop of colour is the peppy red of my luxury Swiss tent. It drizzles on and off all day. The clouds drift from one hill to the other and the breeze stirring the skies occasionally comes down to ruffle my hair. As the day progresses, clouds roll down the mountainside and wrap everything in a moist blanket, the sun is there but the thick mist has cast a veil on the land. This is, but one, aspect of glamping in the Western Ghats.

Monsoon is among the best times to go glamping in this part of India. After all, it has emerged as one of the top global travel trends for the year 2020. It blends road trips, separate lodging and spending time in picturesque outdoors- three major travel trends right now.

Glamping combines the adventure of camping in the great outdoors with luxury and how! And the best part, there’s so much to look forward to- from simply lolling around to going all adventurous with trekking and hiking to cooking your own food. It’s a win-win situation for both the host and the guest. Nothing is as picture-postcard perfect in monsoons in India than the Western Ghats, which are home to a couple of notable glamping sites. 

The Destinations
 Here are some of the best glamping destinations where you could immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the stunning Western Ghats.

Karjat, Maharashtra
Enjoy the majestic views of the gurgling Ulhas River with the backdrop of the lush Sahyadris from your luxury tent in one of the most gorgeous hill stations of Maharashtra. Blessed with a stunning cover of greenery and encompassed by utterly magnificent vistas, Karjat continues to be a popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars and Pune peeps. Embark on refreshing nature trails or catch up on some good old reading or aimlessly laze around the entire day, the choice is yours. With myriad glamping sites and an array of fun activities, Kajrat won’t disappoint you. 

Wayanad, Kerala
If waking up to a cuppa freshly brewed coffee is your thing, look no further than God’s own country. Nestled amidst spectacular tea, coffee and spice plantations, Wayanad has its share of glamping sites, with the Grassroots Resort being the best of them all. The Kabini river gently flows past as you put up in your luxury tent bedecked with elegant interiors. From hot running water to the refrigerator and air conditioning, Wayanad won’t let you compromise on comfort. 

Coorg, Karnataka
Fancy staying in a cosy tentalow and waking up to the chirping of birds? Coorg is where you should head to. Known as the Scotland of India, the dreamy hilly hamlet leaves you mesmerised with its blissful surroundings. Being nothing less than a paradise for nature lovers, Coorg offers some great locations to glamp. From savouring pork masala to taking guided walks through coffee plantations to finding yourself surrounded by a thick layer of mist, a glamping experience in this lovely haven is something you’ll cherish forever.