A quaint village encircled by the mighty Sahyadri Hills, Bhandardara is situated about 70 km from Nashik. One of the best places to visit in Bhandardara is the horseshoe-shaped Arthur Lake, which is around 34 km long and features a lovely waterfall named Randha Falls on the Pravara river. The lake acts as a reservoir for Wilson Dam, which was constructed by the British in 1926. It is one of the oldest dams in the country and is famous for the nearby Umbrella Falls. These falls are created when water is released from the 200-ft-high Bhandardara Dam main reserve, and drops onto a rocky outcrop, which fans out the water flow like an umbrella.

When the gates open, the outflow creates two huge cascades of water, thus presenting a spectacular sight, and an absolute treasure for photographers. Arthur Lake is an ideal spot for camping and swimming. The best way to explore the picturesque beauty of the lake is by taking a boat ride. Cruise along the calm waters, soaking in lush greenery set against a brilliant blue sky, as you learn about the history of Bhandardara Dam, and the stories that surround it.

You can also take a lovely stroll in the neatly manicured gardens that sit pretty at the foot of the dam. These gardens offer a much-needed respite from the heat, and are quite scenic.

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