The hill station of Pavagadh is located about 46 km from Vadodara and is best known for the Mahakali Temple. Dedicated to the Goddess Kali, the temple is believed to have been built somewhere between the 10th and 11th centuries. It holds large fortifications and an open square in front of it for crowds to gather. There are two altars within the premises and an array of lights and diyas are lit during festivals. The main shrine of Kalika Mata in the inner sanctum is painted in bright red; other idols that can be found in the temple include Mahakali and yantras of Bahuchara. The Machi Haveli, nearby, is used as a resting spot by pilgrims. Pavagadh town, apart from the temple, has a ruined fort, a palace, a middle fort and thereafter, an upper fort filled with Hindu and Jain temples. The walls of the fort, built by the Solanki rulers, still stand tall amid ruins.

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