Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, whose name is derived from the Bengali words 'Chapra' and 'Mari' meaning 'abundant fish', is a natural wonder located near Siliguri. Best known for its flock of wild elephants and Indian bison along with the rare glimpses of clouded leopards and the great Bengal tigers, Chapramari Sanctuary has emerged as a popular destination in mysterious Dooars. The region is fed by four major rivers- Teesta, Neora, Jaldhaka, and Murti- giving life to the lush greenery and diverse wildlife found in the sanctuary. This lays a cool reserve for migratory birds when the weather arrives. This sanctuary is equipped with the best touring and bird-watching support to ensure spotting nature in its true beauty.

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  1. In 1998, the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary was established as a protected area due to its significant population of large Elephants. The sanctuary is a part of the Elephant corridor that connects Jaldapara National Park with the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

  2. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is considered one of the oldest forests in North Bengal and is home to the largest population of Indian Gaur in West Bengal.

  3. It is one of the few places in India where one can spot the elusive Clouded Leopard.

  1. The sanctuary is also home to the Indian one-horned Rhino and Indian Bisons.

  2. In 2013, a census revealed that there were 9 Tigers in the sanctuary.

  3. The watchtower near River Murti is the highlight of Champamari Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors can witness wild Elephants in their natural habitat from this amazing location and birdwatch many migratory friends during Winters.

  4. Other incredible animals that can be spotted here are Sambar, Barking Deer, Chital, and wild boar. The sanctuary is also one of the few places where Pangolin is successfully proliferating.

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  1. The movie "Sonar Kella" by legendary film director Satyajit Ray was shot in Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary.

  2. The sanctuary has won several awards for its conservation efforts, including the "Best Protected Area" award in 2019.

  3. In 1896, D.H.E. Sander, an administrator in the Imperial Forest Service, proposed to the British-ruled Indian Government that Chapramari in Bengal, India be developed as a tourist destination. However, there was no favorable response from the government at that time. It wasn't until 1998 when the Government of India declared Chapramari a wildlife sanctuary and granted it national status.





March to September
6am to 6pm, permits issued in between

October to February
6:30am to 5pm, permits issued in between



Vehicle cost from Lataguri:
Rs. 1140; Rs. 1320 (with Nepali dance program)

Vehicle entry fee: Rs. 100

Guide fee: Rs. 180

Video Camera: Rs. 200

Per person entry fee: Rs. 70 (shift 1-3), Rs. 120 (shift 4)

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