One of the many beaches of Visakhapatnam, Lawson's Bay Beach, also referred to as Pedawaltair Beach, is the perfect place to unwind in the arms of nature. The quiet, serene and undisturbed beach lies on the way from the Ramakrishna Beach to the Kailasagiri Hills. The crystal clear water of the majestic sea makes it the perfect spot for surfing, swimming and sunbathing. The picturesque location of the beach will leave you totally rejuvenated. Tourists can also visit the newly opened Lawson's Bay Beachfront Park, which makes for a great picnic spot. Built with an aim to ease congestion at the Ramakrishna Beach, the park is lined with beautiful walkways and lush green trees. After spending quality time at the beach, tourists can head to the nearby Lawson Bay Colony, one of the most beautiful residential areas of Visakhapatnam and stroll through its verdant streets.

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