Gujarati dishes are not only known for their lip-smacking taste but also have a high nutritional value. Every Gujarati delicacy is prepared using different cooking styles and different combinations of spices. Some of the most popular Gujarati dishes include dhokla (steamed cake), doodh pak (rice pudding), undhiyo (mix vegetable dish), shrikhand (dessert made with strained curd), suterpheni (sweetmeat), mohanthal (sweet made with roasted gram flour) and kasha (porridge). One thing that lends Gujarati cuisine its distinct identity is the large sugar concentration in the dishes as compared to salt and spices. In older times, the traders and labourers of Gujarat had to work in hot and humid conditions and travel long distances on foot. To maintain the glucose level in the body, sugar was added to most of the Gujarati dishes. Even though it is a coastal state, majority of Gujarati food is vegetarian owing to the influence of Jain culture, unlike other coastal states that are famous for their seafood.