A bustling port city, dotted with grand temples, historical monuments and serene beaches, Porbandar, in Gujarat, is a cornucopia of culture, snuggled in Saurashtra. Renowned as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation, Porbandar acts as the gatekeeper of the rich heritage of the region. From a majestic gurukul that keeps alive ancient Vedic sciences to a unique temple that portrays the nuances of Gandhiji's life, Porbandar takes one back to the pages of history. Legend has it that this city was the birthplace of Lord Krishna’s friend-turned-devotee Sudama, and the one-of-its-kind Sudama Mandir in Porbandar echoes with the tales of the friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama.

For centuries, Porbandar has been an affluent trading destination, exchanging spices, fabrics and sundry wares with countries in the Gulf, Arab and Persian regions as well as in East Africa. Porbandar finds a place in Skanda Purana, an ancient Indian text, as Ashmavati and Sudamapuri. Around the coast, visitors can spot historical ports and jetties that prove that Porbandar was once a centre of maritime activities.