A stone's throw from Porbandar, Bharat Mandir is known for being the storehouse of Indian heritage. Constructed over two floors, the temple has a map of India that has been created with white marble. It also carries a comprehensive guide to the traditions and heroes of Hindu mythology that has been showcased through ancient murals and beautiful sculptures on the temple’s pillars. The temple is lined with yellow-coloured pillars and each of these has statues of various mythological characters and spiritual saints on all its four sides. The upper portion of the temple walls are adorned with beautifully made paintings of various mythological sites in India. The most striking pillar of the temple is the one that holds the images of Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Rama. Then there's the statue of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru where he can be seen with school kids offering him roses. Popular dohas or couplets have also been written on the walls of the temples that provide valuable life lessons to visitors. The temple is located in a garden right opposite to Nehru Planetarium. The large map of India on the ground of the temple leaves visitors fascinated while the mirrors showing funny reflections attract kids.

Other Attractions in Porbandar