Situated in the lap of Barda Hills, on the outskirts of Porbandar, this village is flocked by visitors for its magnificent Navlakha Temple, which was built during the reign of the Solanki dynasty (940-1244 CE). One of the oldest and the largest temples in the state, it is dedicated to Lord Surya. Boasting a beautiful architecture, it has been named so as it cost around INR nine lakhs to build it. Ghumli is an important archaeological site and home to one of the largest stepwells in Gujarat, known as Vikia Vav. Ghumli has also emerged as a popular trekking site. Tourists can trek through the Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary that has one of the most diverse floral compositions and is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. Ghumli was once the prosperous capital of the Saindhaya and Jethwa dynasties of Saurashtra during the 12th and 13th centuries .

Other Attractions in Porbandar