Nestled along a sandy coastline, Madhavpur is a picturesque little town lying on the outskirts of Porbandar. The main attraction is the famous Madhavraiji Haveli Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna and Lord Balrama. This 150-year-old shrine has been built along the lines of a grand haveli by the then Maharaja of Madhavpur. Visiting it is like taking a step back into history and the experience is quite unforgettable. Every year, the Mer community celebrates an annual fair at Rukmini no choro located near the Madhavraiji Haveli Temple. Tourists can also pay obeisance at the 12th century Shiva temple located nearby that is known for its striking architecture.

Another attraction is the pristine Madhavpur Beach, one of the best sand expanses in the state. It is an idyllic spot to relax in the lap of nature and enjoy water sports. The sunset views from the beach are spectacular and one should not miss them.

Other Attractions in Porbandar