One of the most famous pilgrim centres of India, Shirdi is where Sai Baba, the saint known for his divine powers, lived and preached for over five decades. Samadhi Temple, where he lived, has a room that depicts articles and things used by Shri Sai during his lifetime, and is therefore quite significant for his disciples, who follow his teachings and rever him till date. The temple also houses his mortal remains.


Every day, over 60,000 tourists and devotees from all faiths and religions throng to the temple, and this number increases during festive seasons. The temple opens at 4:00 am and one has to wait in a queue to get a glimpse of the idol and worship him. Other places related to the life of Shri Sai in Shirdi include Dwarkamayi Masjid, Chavadi and Gurusthan.


Dwarkamayi Masjid, which is a mosque with a temple inside, may be the only one of its kind in India. Another interesting aspect of the mosque is that the dhuni, or holy fire that Sai Baba allegedly lit here has been kept burning to this day. The ash that falls from the dhuni is considered to have healing powers.


If you want a glimpse of what Shirdi was like during the time Sai Baba lived here, head to Sai Heritage Village, which is a replica of the Shirdi of 100 years ago. There are models and statues depicting various episodes of his life.

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