The Vipassana International Academy, established in 1976 by SN Goenka and located in Igatpuri in Nashik, offers a number of courses on spiritual healing. One can visit the place and come out as a completely rejuvenated person.

The term �Vipassana� means to see things as they truly are, and it happens to be one of the oldest means of meditation in the country, founded and taught by Gautam Buddha over 2,500 years ago. This art seeks to remove psychological ills and give reign to one�s true happiness. The courses offered at the university teach this age-old technique over 10-day residential periods, during which you must follow a strict code of discipline, and practice the form in its entirety.

The rigorous courses stipulate that one must not indulge in stimulants during the entire time they are engaged in Vipassana. The idea is to calm and train the mind through well-designed practices, while taking care of your physical health by eating right and exercising regularly. There is a clear focus on mental health.

Since the academy believes in following the teachings of Gautam Buddha in their purest form, the whole enterprise runs solely on donations of those who have found the courses to be beneficial; there is no cost for food or accommodation, and no remuneration for those who teach here.

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