Tucked away in a green compound near the resplendent tomb of sufi saint Mohammed Ghaus, is the small and simple tomb of iconic musician Tansen. One of the nine jewels in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar, Tansen (1500 – 1586), was one of the greatest Indian musicians. For music lovers and those fascinated by history, the tomb remains a place of avid interest. The vocalist, it is said, could create magic with his voice, such that the clouds were tempted to rain down and even the animals were enchanted. Tansen learned Hindustani classical music from Mohammad Ghaus and developed the Gwalior Gharana style of music. He was also a proponent of Dhrupad style of music, which does not seek to entertain but induce the listener with peace and a mood of contemplation. In November every year, the world-famous Tansen Music Festival is organised at the tomb.

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