The impressive Man Singh Palace dominates the structures inside the Gwalior Fort. The palace, which is today considered to be among the very few pre-Mughal palaces to have survived, is known for its colourful exterior tilework. The multicoloured frieze and mosaics include ducks, elephants, crocodiles and tigers in yellow and green on a base of brilliant blue glazed ceramic! It is also called Chit Mandir or the Painted Palace.

Constructed by Tomar king, Man Singh, between 1486 and 1517, this four-storeyed building has two open courtyards that are bordered by apartments at two levels. Two halls, circular in shape and supported by columns, on the lower level were designed to keep temperatures down during summer. These halls had unique channels built into the walls for people to speak to each other from their respective places. These halls were later turned into prisons by the Mughals. The Jauhar Kund, though locked now, is also located inside the palace. Shah Jahan Mahal, Gujari Mahal and Jehangir Mahal surround the palace. Every evening, a sound and light show brings to life the history of the fort.

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