Sitting by the pristine Chambal river, Dholpur is a potpourri of old civilisations, powerful dynasties and stunning natural beauty. The history of Dholpur, earlier known as Dhawalgiri, dates back to Lord Buddha's time and Dholpur was a part of the great Mauryan empire as well. Later it came under the rule of the Mughals too. Located an hour away from Gwalior, in the state of Rajasthan, Dholpur used to be the seat of the Dholpur princely state before India's independence, and today is a city of diverse culture and historical grandeur. The region is most popular for the Shergarh Fort, which is located on the outskirts of the city. The fort was enlarged, repaired and used by Shershah Suri, founder of the Suri empire, in 1540 AD. The stone fort has several palaces, a temple, a tomb and a few structures in ruins.

The region also includes the National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Shree Ramchand Temple and Ramnagar Sanctuary. The red sandstone procured from Dholpur is well-known throughout the country and was famously used in the construction of the Red Fort in Delhi. The National Chambal (Gharial) Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the rare Ganges river dolphin.

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