Located 46 km from Gwalior, it is in Morena that one finds the largest number of peacocks in India. Morena has been named after the bird which is called 'mor' in Hindi. The prime attraction is the Sabalgarh Fort, which is a formidable structure perched on a large rock. It was built in the 17th century by Gurjar sardar, Sabal Singh, who was a noble in the court of the rulers of Karauli. The fort is, at present, in a state of ruin and is believed to be haunted. Around 35 km west of Morena stands the Sersaini Fort, which is a must-visit, along with the Sati Mata Mandir that lies on the banks of River Chambal. Tourists can also head to the Tomb of Ganna Begum, which is located near a beautiful and ancient bridge with minarets over River Saank. Legend has it that the tomb was constructed in the memory of the widow of Gajhiuddin, the wazir of Sarai, in 1775 AD. She was named Ganna as her voice was said to be as sweet as sugarcane. Morena is famous for gajak, a sweet made from sesame and jaggery that is conventionally consumed in winter months.

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