Flanked by the beautiful Chambal, Kali and Sind rivers, the historical city of Bhind is known for many legendary monuments. The prime attraction is the Ater Fort, which was built during 1664-1698, by Bhadauria kings Badan Singh, Maha Singh and Bhakat Singh. The grand structure is a great place to reflect on the region's history and try to imagine how the royals lived back then. The fort has been built inside the ravines of River Chambal and has many distinct parts that are worth a visit. Chief of these is the Khooni Darwaza, which is the first and the main gate of the fort that dates back to the Mughal times. The gate is called thus as in earlier times, criminals were thrown from the battlements above it to fall to certain death. Other attractions include a Ganesha temple, the king's quarters and the queen's quarters.

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