The beautiful craft of papier-mache is an important part of Gwalior's handicraft industry. The Nagvanshi community of Gwalior is involved in making papier-mache articles, like birds, animals and other decorative items using soaked paper, colours and glue. The articles made using papier-mache are known for their bright and arresting colours and one would find the colour gold a common feature in most of them. The skilled craftsmen of Gwalior also make beautiful toys and dolls using the unique craft technique. Earlier, papier-mache was used to create ornate articles like vases and figurines of popular icons. The process of crafting an article is an intricate one. Firstly, the clay is sculpted and then moulds of Plaster-of-Paris are made. The papier-mache dough is beaten into thick sheets and then cast in these moulds. It is dried in the sun and smoothened with sandpaper. Vibrant colours are used to paint and decorate these beautiful articles.

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