Located on Shah Madar Hill in the scenic village of Saho, Sui Mata Temple is dedicated to the queen of Sahil Varman, Sui, and is divided into three parts. Legend has it that long ago, the area had no rain for years and king Sahil Varman tried to please the gods in almost all possible ways but nothing worked. He finally consulted a few brahmins who told him that he needed to sacrifice either his wife or his son to bring water to his kingdom. With a heavy heart, the king decided to sacrifice his son but his wife could not bear the son getting sacrificed so she sacrificed herself. After her death, her body and her maidens were buried around the temple’s premises. Soon, water started flowing in the kingdom and from then on, there has never been a shortage of water in the region. Every year, beginning March 15, a fair is organised that continues till April 1. A large number of married women and girls arrive to pay respects to the queen who laid down her life for the welfare of her people. They also sing songs in her praise. Colourful paintings that depict the life of the queen dot the walls of the temple. One gets great insights into the culture and traditions of Chamba after a visit to the Sui Mata Temple.

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