Surrounded by verdant mountains and alpine pastures, the quaint town of Bharmour is a secluded and unspoilt tourist stopover. Lying on the outskirts of Chamba, the main attraction of this town is Chaurasia, a temple that has 84 shrines in its periphery. Built between the 7th and 10th centuries, these shrines boast varied architecture that is quite striking. The most notable among these is the Manimahesh Temple that has an awe-inspiring shikhara (spire) that seems to almost pierce the sky. The Lakshna Devi Temple is a must-visit and tourists can pay their respect to the metre-high idol of the goddess in solid brass housed in the sanctum sanctorum.

Bharmour was the capital of the princely state of Chamba for over 400 years and lies at an elevation of about 7,000 ft. Earlier, it was known as Brahmpura and the region around it is believed to belong to Lord Shiva. Thus, it is often referred to as Shiv-bhumi. The town is famous for its delicious apples and locally-made blankets. It is also home to nomadic shepherds Gaddies. Bharmour is also the base for the famous Manimahesh yatra and various treks. Another attraction is the Bharmani Mata Temple that has a holy pool. Devotees like take a dip in these sacred waters.

Other Attractions in Chamba