Constructed by Raja Sahil Varman, believed to be the founder of modern Chamba in 920 AD, the Laxmi Narayan Temple is the main shrine in the town that has a group of six temples. Known for fine classical forms, the temple has been built in shikhara (spire) style with wooden chhatris (cenotaphs) and a shell roof. Besides the idol of Lord Vishnu, who is the presiding deity, the temple houses a metallic image of Garuda, the lord's mount. Other temples in the complex include the Radha Krishna Temple that was constructed by Rani Sarda in 1825, Gauri Shankar Temple commissioned by Yugkar Varman, the son of Sahil Varman, and the Shiva Temple of Chandragupta that was built by Sahil Varman.


Legend has it that the idol of Lord Vishnu at this temple has been made of a rare marble that was brought here from the Vindhyachal Mountains. Popular belief in the region states that Raja Sahil Varman sacrificed eight of his sons to get the marble. Finally, his eldest son, Yugkara, succeeded in acquiring the marble.

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