One of the most important spiritual sites in the region, Chamunda Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. One of the nine temples (nau devi yatra) that are a part of the ritualistic pilgrimage across north India for many devotees, this temple is among the oldest monuments in Chamba. Constructed almost entirely of wood, it was built by Raja Umed Singh, the king of Jodhpur, in 1762.

The temple is situated amidst serene environs and tourists can get mesmerising views from the top of the structure. The temple overlooks the beautiful township, and the better part of the Chamba Valley. Apart from the idol of Goddess Kali, the temple also has a small cave-like depression that houses a stone phallus as a tribute to Lord Shiva, who is fabled to be the protective overlord of the region.

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