Lying on the banks of the meandering River Sutlej, Sarahan is soaked in natural beauty and looks very scenic surrounded by steep cliffs on one side and deep ravines on the other. The landscape is dotted with pine forests, apple orchards and terraced farms and presents a spectacular sight. One can see the majestic Shrikhand Peak of the Great Himalayas from here, which is unique in the way that its tip remains uncovered by snow. As soon as the sun rays fall on the peak, it lights up and makes for a stunning sight. Another attraction is the temple of Goddess Bhima Kaali that looks a lot like a monastery. This temple is one of the shaktipeeths, making it a revered site in the region. According to legend, the place turned into a place of worship after Goddess Sati's ears fell here during Lord Shiva’s dance of cosmic destruction.

The trees in the area are laden with ripe fruits of plums, peaches and almonds and taking nature walks through them can be a surreal experience.

Other Attractions in Chamba