A paradise for nature lovers, Naldehra is famous for one of the oldest golf courses in the country located at a height of 2,200 m above sea level. An 18-hole course, it is considered as one of the most challenging in India. It was originally designed by British Viceroy, Lord Curzon, who was supposedly so taken with the beauty of the spot that he personally supervised the laying out of the nine-hole golf course, which was later expanded.

Naldehra is crowned by a magnificent grove of deodar trees and carpeted with a springing turf. The wide areas that form the iconic Alps-like topography of the region are home to some endangered species of fauna.

One of the major attractions is the Sipi Fair in June, held annually, which is always a big draw for tourists and locals alike. The festival lends colour and animation to the scene and is attended by costumed villagers from all over the state.

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