Rang Mahal is one of the largest monuments in Chamba that was built in the 18th century by Raja Umed Singh, the king of Jodhpur, as a residence for the royal family. It is a beautiful blend of Mughal and British architecture and its striking building has been planned to have fort-like walls that seem to touch the sky. While the palace’s interiors are decorated with exquisitely carved wooden doors, ceilings and windows, the corridors and balconies have beautiful and fine artwork. The puja and living rooms are ornamented with traditional embellishments and artefacts that majorly constitute mural paintings in typical Pahari style. One can also find a few paintings belonging to the Kangra School adorning the walls. They trace the life stories of Lord Krishna. Most of the palace’s paintings and other wares have been taken out from here and kept in different museums across the country.


One of the largest monuments in the state, it now occupies the Himachal Emporium that is a famous shopping spot. One can buy beautiful handmade goods from here, especially silk fabrics with intricate embroidery work. It also gives employment to local women who have been practicing this craft for many years.

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