The beauty of the verdant hill station of Yercaud, situated in Tamil Nadu, is such that it is popularly referred to as 'Jewel of the South'. Nestled in the Shevaroy Hills of the Eastern Ghats within the district of Salem, it lies at an approximate height of 4,970 ft above mean sea level. The name of the hill town has been derived from its geography. Due to the growth of a large number of trees around its main lake, the locals started calling the place 'Yeri-Kaadu', which literally translates into lake forest. Over the years, both words merged to make the name Yercaud.

Yercaud is spread across an area of about 383 sq km, that includes its reserve forests. The rest of its terrain includes the rocky Eastern Ghats. The place enjoys a cool climate for most parts of the year. The temperatures are said to rarely rise above 29 degrees Celsius or reduce below 13 degrees Celsius. This pristine hill station is also preferred by tourists as it is less crowded and has peaceful surroundings that give a respite from the bustle of the city. Adding to its verdant landscape is the Orchidarium (where orchids are cultivated) that is maintained by the Botanical Survey of India. Moreover, there are coffee plantations, orange groves, banana, pear and jackfruit farms, and pepper plantations found in abundance in Yercaud.

This region is so beautiful that even members of the animal kingdom cannot ignore its charms. Bisons, deer, rabbits, hares, foxes, mongooses, squirrels, partridges, snakes, bulbuls, kites, sparrows and swallows call it home.