Lady’s Seat is a viewpoint overlooking the serpentine roads of the Eastern Ghats. Visitors usually head here to catch a glimpse of the sprawling vista of Salem district and enjoy the views of the plains and the Mettur Dam on River Cauvery. Legend has it that an English woman used to sit here during evening hours to enjoy picturesque views of one of the rocks that looked a lot like a seat. The point, located to the southwest of Shevaroy Hills, has a viewing tower, housing a telescope. From here, visitor can avail some of the best views of the Mettur Dam and Salem. Tourists can see the magnesite deposits on the plains too. Near the Lady’s Seat is a Children’s Seat and a Gent’s Seat, which also offer stunning vistas to the visitors. A mini park in the vicinity is one of the most breathtaking spots for picnicking.

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