Situated in close proximity to Yercaud Lake, Anna Park boasts a variety of plants and floral species that are indigenous to Shevaroy Hills. It is a well-preserved garden that includes four smaller parks: Lake park, Gandhi park, Deer park and Children's park. There is also an exclusive Japanese park enclosure, which contains the gorgeous Bonsai collection of plants that employ the Japanese style of horticulture. Another attraction here is the horticulture farm with a rose garden, which boasts a variety of blooms; from button-sized to very large. A part of the park is decorated with red glass that makes for an awesome sight. To add to the charm of the surroundings, a fountain stands in the central area of the park. Anna park is maintained by the Horticultural Department. While visiting here, don't forget to attend the beautiful flower show held in the month of May every year.

Other Attractions in Yercaud