Skirted by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Western Ghats, one of the largest cities of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is an eclectic cultural extravaganza. An integral thread in the state's traditional textile industry, Coimbatore is the hub of the world-renowned 'Village Cot' sarees and exquisite gold and diamond cut jewellery, which have earned it its moniker of the Manchester of the South. Dotted with scenic waterfalls surrounded by rolling green hills, Coimbatore enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, thanks to the Palghat Gap in the Western Ghats that ensures there is an uninterrupted stream of cooling wind blowing through.

. Earlier, Coimbatore was called Kongunadu and today, it is called Kovai. Before its modernisation, Coimbatore was a village ruled by tribal chiefs called Koyan or Kovan. Later, the region was ruled by several dynasties like the Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, Pandyas, Hoyasalas and the Vijayanagaras. During the colonial rule, the Britishers transformed Coimbatore into an industrial city and set up several textile mills that paved the way for the city's textile development. It is about 510 km away from Chennai, which is the capital of the state and can be reached from the city via bus, train and plane.

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