The city of Coimbatore is dotted with many serene and scenic waterfalls, the most popular of which is the Kovai Kutralam Falls. Lying in the Siruvani Hills, this grand waterfall gushes down in a musical melody that fills visitors with peace and tranquillity. It lies amidst a lush forest, and visitors have to trek their way up to it. The falls invites several members of the avifauna to take shelter here, and is thus an ideal spot for birdwatchers.


Lying about 35 km west of Coimbatore city in the Western Ghats, the Siruvani Waterfalls is a popular tourist stopover. It is known for its sweet water, which is considered to be one of the sweetest waterfronts in the world. The falls lies close to the Siruvani Dam, which offers picturesque and sweeping views of the surrounding areas. Since the falls is located deep into the forest, one needs to trek to reach it. Camping, taking nature-walks, birdwatching etc., are popular activities here. The best time to visit the falls is after monsoon when it flows in full glory.

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