About 300 years ago, Bannari was known as Dhandanyakkan Forest. It is famous for the Bannari Amman Temple, which is about 14 km from Sathyamangalam. Special bus services are operated to bring devotees from Sathyamangalam and Coimbatore to this temple during festivals and holidays. The surrounding forest area is rife with elephants, wild pigs, bears, deer, hare, monkeys and peacocks.

Near the temple pond there is another temple for Sarugu Mariamman. On the west side of the temple, there is a big pit for storing water in rainy season. On the way to the temple pond, there is an idol of Lord Vandi Muniappar kept on a slab. Special poojas are done during the festival by people of Cholar community. In 1954, tents were set up in Bannari to train soldiers and a camp officer used to go to the temple to pray. Once he found the temple closed and prayed in front of it. According to legends, he saw a flicker of bright light in the sanctum. Next day when he informed others, they celebrated the miracle with a tea party.

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