Nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Western Ghats, the Marudhamalai Temple lies on the outskirts of the city of Coimbatore. Believed to be the abode of Lord Murugan, this 1,200-year-old temple sits on a small hillock. The temple can be accessed via a long flight of steps, and from the top you can get sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. The hill is also home to a multitude of medicinal herbs that are used in the preparation of various Ayurvedic medicines. Two festivals that are celebrated here with much fanfare are the Thai Poosam, in January and February and Thiru Karthigai, in November or December.

Other attractions nearby include Thaan Thondri Vinaayakar, a temple for Pillayar or Lord Ganesha that lies at the foothills and a cave temple, called Paambaatti Sitthar Kugai, which is dedicated to a sitthar, a saint believed to have supernatural powers, who lived in the area.

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